How do I make and pay the order?

Step 1. Make the order
Select the products you want to buy and add them to your cart. All products in the store are shown without VAT, you can view VAT when you are in your cart.

Step 2. My Cart
Once the purchase is complete, you must click on the cart icon at the top right of the web, there you can check your order with all the products and the final price. Here you can enter the DISCOUNT CODE, if you have it, and click on the "Update Cart" button. At the end, you will find the button "FINISH PURCHASE"

Step 3. Pay
When you click on the “FINALIZE PURCHASE” button, on the right side of the web you will see THE SUMMARY OF YOUR ORDER and on the left side you must complete the “BILLING DETAILS”, where you must place:

- NAME and SURNAMES: check that they are always correct.
- ID or RUC: verify that it is correct
- COUNTRY: at the moment we only make deliveries in Ecuador
- STREET ADDRESS: you have two boxes, in the first you must place the main street with its numbering and in the second, the secondary street.
- LOCALITY / CITY: at the moment we only do deliveries in ECUADOR in Quito, North sector, Cumbayá and the Chillos valle.
- ZIP CODE: If you do not know your zip code, you can search it at https://www.codigopostal.gob.ec/
- PHONE: verify that it is correct
- EMAIL ADDRESS: verify that it is correct
- SHIPPING TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS: if you want to send your order to a different address than the billing address, here you must complete the information.
- NOTES OF THE ORDER: you can put some additional information that you consider important so that we reach your ADDRESS.
- PAYMENT METHOD: you must choose one of the options:

1) Direct bank transfer, once the order is placed we will give you the bank account for payment. We will send the order once the transfer is verified. You can make the transfer up to 48 hours later, otherwise it will be automatically canceled.
2) Cash on delivery, you will pay in cash at the time of delivery.

- ACCEPT THE PRIVACY POLICY, you must have read and accept the privacy policy to place the order.

And that's it, click on “PLACE THE ORDER”

Can I cancel the order?

There are 2 scenarios:

1) If you have placed your order and have placed the payment option by bank transfer, and you have not made the payment within 48 hours, your order will be automatically canceled.
2) If you have placed your order and have already made the payment by bank transfer or if you chose the cash on delivery option, you have the option to contact us (alibuecuador@gmail.com or 0959055469) to CANCEL your order until 4pm on TUESDAY or THURSDAY, depending on what day you have placed your order, remember that deliveries are made on Wednesdays and Fridays.
In the event that you have already paid us by bank transfer, we will refund the total value of your purchase by the same means of payment, that is, transfer.

I have a promotional coupon. How do I use it?

The discount coupons that are valid are ONLY those granted by the official media of Alibú, that is, from its website and its social networks on Facebook and Instagram @alibuecuador.
If you want to know the conditions of application of the coupons, we invite you to consult the conditions indicated at the bottom of each coupon given in the official media.
For coupons that can be used in the online store, just enter the code in the field titled "Coupon Code" located under the cart (step 2 of how to buy).
If you forget to enter the promotional coupon, we will not be able to add this code after placing the order, therefore, verify that it appears in the "SUMMARY OF YOUR ORDER" before "PLACING THE ORDER".

My promotional coupon does not work. What can I do?

We invite you to verify that there is no space at the end or at the beginning of the promotional code (sometimes when you copy and paste, a space is inserted at the end of the promotional code).
We only accept one promo code per order. Make sure that the code has not expired (the validity date and the conditions of the code we will put when we give you the code).
If you have verified all these elements and it still does not work, we invite you to write to us at alibuecuador@gmail.com

How do I check the status of my order?

After confirming your order on our website, you will receive 2 emails:

1. The first will be to confirm that the order has been registered.
2. The second email will be to inform you of the delivery of the package to delivery.

You can also write to us at alibuecuador@gmail.com or WhatsApp 0959055469 to ask about the status of your order. We will always be at your disposal.


What are the turnaround times?

Orders are delivered every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY (except holidays), only in Quito (NORTH sector) and Cumbayá.
We accept orders until Tuesday and Friday 3 PM, so if you place the order after that time, delivery will be made on the following Friday or Wednesday, respectively.

What is the shipping cost?

At the moment we have a fixed value of USD 3 including VAT for deliveries in Quito (NORTH sector) and Cumbayá.

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