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Our Story

Alibú is a family-owned business based in Ecuador. We offer a variety of delicious fruit snacks and tea infusions without preservatives or artificial sweeteners, 100% natural. Because fruit is an essential part of our diet and Ecuador is uniquely situated in an ideal climate for the cultivation of a wide variety of fruits year-round, it provides the perfect opportunity to share this bounty with you.

But we didn’t want to just sell fruit. Instead we offer an innovative way to savor and enjoy fruits using dehydration, a technique that preserves the color, aroma, and nutrients of the fruits while providing more flexibility for an active lifestyle.

We not only provide healthy snack alternatives but we also support improved quality of life and fair practices for all those involved in our business.

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Our founding team

We bring a wide variety of expertise to this venture including technology, finance, ecology, art, communications, foreign trade, security and food production. Complementing years of experience in these diverse arenas is our zeal for life and a dream we have to offer healthy alternatives to typical snack foods anchored in the landscapes of Ecuador. As a family business, Alibú was formed through the energy and passion of its founders: Jorge, Carolina, Leslie and Fabien, who come together to share all of their collective knowledge and dedication in the formation of this grand dream.

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Carolina Naranjo

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Leslie naranjo

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Fabien Dubas